Doctrine ORM to PHP GraphQL bridge.

How it works

This library provides a DoctrineGraphQL builder class to build all Doctrine entities as GraphQL types. It also will for every GraphQL type. For the mapping to works, this library made some assumptions:

  1. Entity's fully qualified class name will be used as GraphQL type without the \ character (e.g. Some\Namespace\Entity\User will be mapped to SomeNamespaceEntityUser GraphQL type.
  2. Associated fields will be available as GraphQL type property when that entity is the association owner.
  3. For every entity that were mapped as GraphQL type, this library can create default CRUD queries & mutations (more on this later).


composer require ncrypthic/doctrine-graphql


use LLA\DoctrineGraphQL\DoctrineGraphQL;
use GraphQL\Server\Helper;

/* @var EntityManager $em */
// Get Doctrine's entity manager

$builder = new DoctrineGraphQL();

$schema = $builder->toGraphQLSchema();
$config = ['schema'=>$schema];

$helper = new Helper();
$req = $helper->parseHttpRequest();

$res = is_array($req)
  ? $helper->executeBatch($config, $req)
  : $helper->executeOperation($config, $req);


For every Doctrine entity, DoctrineGraphQL will generate 2 graphql queries:

  1. To get a single entity record get<GraphQLTypeName>
  2. To get paginated list of entity records get<GraphQLTypeName>Page

See more detail on Queries section.


For every Doctrine entity, DoctrineGraphQL will generate 3 graphql mutations:

  1. To insert a single entity record create<GraphQLTypeName>
  2. To update a single entity record update<GraphQLTypeName>
  3. To delete a single entity record delete<GraphQLTypeName>

See more detail on Mutations section.